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Install Binary

With go install

go install

From Releases

You can download go-tektasker from the Official Releases page.


Tektasker as a standalone

Tektasker can be used as a standalone tool to:

  • Generate YAML manifest from your Go package go-tektasker gen manifest
  • Generate Go helper code for your types marked as params, results and other Tekton construct with go-tektasker gen go
  • Scaffold a base project with a Taskfile providing an opinionated development environment go-tektasker init

All you need for that is to have go installed.

Tektasker’s development environment

If you want to use the opinionated development environment provisioned by go-tektasker init, you will need the following dependencies.


You need kubectl to apply the task to your cluster.

A Kubernetes cluster with Tekton Pipelines

You need a Kubernetes Cluster with Tekton installed.

Tektasker dev env has been tested against the following local kubernetes environment solutions:

  • Rancher Desktop
  • KinD
Development EnvironmentSee this page to learn more about the different possible setup


An alternative to GNU Make made in Go and reading YAML.

See installation instructions or just run:

go install

ko builder

A fast and simple container image builder for Go apps.

See installation instructions or just run:

go install